Naturopathic Consultations

The benefits of a naturopathic consultation is the time spent to understand what is going on with your health, having the time to explain the options and strategies to improve your health and to discuss the ways on how you can put your best foot forward in your health journey.

During a consultation while addressing your presenting health issue I will ask questions about other organ systems and health concerns. I will want to know about your sleep quality, eating and lifestyle habits, exercise, energy and metabolism, emotional and physical health, your past health and family genetics. It is also good to see recent blood test results.

This information helps me decided on the correct natural health care recommendations for health promotion, disease prevention or illness management.

With a naturopathic consultation you have a integrative natural health plan that addresses your health condition.

  • A consultation encourages disease prevention. We work together to create actionable change and I support your progress.
  • It includes recommendations using traditional approaches of natural healthcare such as herbal medicine and other complementary and alternative approaches.
  • It includes lifestyle strategies which can include recommendations for sleep, exercise, food, breath practice and relaxation techniques.
  • It includes recommendations for natural health products that have a well understood biomedical mechanism with evidence based to support there use

The 6 Principles And The Therapeutic Order


  1. The Healing Power of Nature
  2. Identify And Treat The Cause
  3. First Do No Harm
  4. Doctor As Teacher
  5. Treat The Whole Person
  6. Prevention

 I work within mainstream medicine. All natural health plans will complement all prescription medicines and health care recommendations.

You will be emailed a naturopathic initial intake form to fill out, before your initial consultation.

If you can please bring to your consultation copies of recent blood test if you have had these done, and any medications and supplements you are taking

Why do I want to see your blood test? Your blood tells a story

Your blood tests tell a story about your health and are an important part of preventative medicine especially when done regularly as this gives you an idea of your “normal” which then gives me the ability make changes when there is a shift in your ” normal” Blood test are often done by GPs when you are presenting with a health problem, or you are approaching your fifties. I like to see the blood tests your doctor may have requested as these help me with your treatment plan.

I can also provide you a script for blood tests this option are user pay

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