About Autumn


As a child I had a free range upbringing on a free range farm in the mountains of Kaikoura, this upbringing introduced me to natural health. I got to enjoying the benefits of organic food, plant medicine, yoga, meditation and nature cure (term used to describe natural healing in the 1970s). This lifestyle taught me the importance of self care for health and wellbeing.

I basically fell into natural health after I left high school. At first my interest was remedial body therapies and then I started working in health shops. In 1996 I discovered you could train as a naturopath so I moved to Auckland to start my studies at the South Pacific College of Natural Therapies, here I gained a bachelor of health science in complementary medicine from Charles Sturt University and a advance diploma in naturopathic and herbal medicine. For the last 28 years I have been working in the natural health industry and as a practitioner and learner of naturopathic health care and herbal medicine. I am registered with the Naturopaths and Medical Herbalist of New Zealand (NMHNZ)

I continue to educate myself in integrative naturopathy and the evidence for naturopathic medicine in specific disease.

I am a member of the confident clinician club, run by Dr Jordon Robertson ND and a team of naturopaths.

The confident clinician club is a educational platform that provides naturopaths with unbiased and evidence based resources, updates and tools for everyday naturopathic practice. Each month I take part in 2 90 minute lectures on a specific medical topic as well as 2 weekend intensives each year.

Love spending my time with family and friends, I have a little garden but fill it with vegetables, fruit and plant medicine, love to be out in nature and in the country, love to cook, read, listen to music and podcasts, make herbal potions and teas. I understand the importance of movement so I practice a bit of yoga, go to the gym, and will go for long walk as much as possible.



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